J. Philip SawyerB.A., CFP®, CEA

Financial Planner

Phil Sawyer is the President of Sawyer & Associates Financial Services Ltd. He began his career in the financial industry in 1983, right after graduating from Laurentian University with a degree in Economics.  In 1996, Phil earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designation and has continued to guide his clients through retirement and estate planning issues. Phil now specializes in money management and retirement planning, doing extensive analyses of a client’s current situation and projecting their retirement needs and abilities as they prepare for retirement.   Phil and his team strive to find the right product to suit each client’s individual needs.   Phil has also earned the Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) designation.  This designation allows him to work with executors and help guide them through the orderly disposition of an estate, such as navigating the complicated financial, legal and taxation issues they will encounter. More importantly it allows him to look into a client’s situation and determine if there are estate obstacles that should be dealt with before someone passes away.

Over the past 35 years, Phil's commitment to creating a superior financial planning experience for his clients has been evident by the growth in his knowledge and practice as a Financial Planner and by the quality of the people he has chosen to represent his company. Phil’s daughter Karen joined Sawyer and Associates Financial Services Ltd. and Investment Planning Counsel in 2010 and together they offer Estate and Retirement planning along with Personal Financial Planning and are assisted by a dedicated team of highly qualified assistants, Bonita Rams, Debbie Paguandas as well as Phil’s wife Lise Sawyer. The team works together to provide timely and accurate planning advice necessary to meet the client’s needs and expectations within a successful practice. Honesty and high ethical standards have guided Phil throughout his career. This standard has helped set him and his team as one of the top Financial Offices in Sudbury.


He has been happily married to his wife Lise for over 35 years, and they have two children, Cathy and Karen. Phil and his wife enjoy travelling, golf and boating on Georgian Bay on their boat named "Current Sea".


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